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Solar Eclipse Path
The solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017 will be visible (weather permitting) throughout the continental United States and will be most spectacular along a path of totality, 70 miles wide, sweeping southeastward from Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming through the nation’s heartland to South Carolina. This map shows that northern and central Nevada will experience a substantial partial eclipse with mid-eclipse coverage of the sun by the moon ranging from 78% at Tonopah, 84% at Ely and Eureka, near 90% at Winnemucca and Elko, and 94% at Jackpot. (see our Solar Eclipse Timeline infographic that give the eclipse start, middle, and end times along with the percent of totality for several locations in rural Nevada) The duration of mid-eclipse, particularly that of totality will not last very long as the moon’s dark circular shadow called the “umbra” will be traveling across the earth’s surface at around 1350 mph or about 1.75 times the speed of sound. For those viewers fortunate enough to be along the centerline of totality with good viewing weather, totality will only occur for around a minute and a half (90 seconds) across the Northwest U.S. and reach a maximum of just over two and a half minutes (160 seconds) in western Kentucky. So it is essential for people who are in the prime path of totality, to be aware of weather conditions that could affect viewing, and to understand the various stages of a total solar eclipse and know what time they will occur at their particular location. Otherwise, you could miss out on seeing some very interesting phenomena, especially if you are moving around at the last minute to avoid cloud cover in unfamiliar territory!

Data Courtesy of Elko Weather Forecast Office

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