Weather Alerts for Athelstane Area

Issued by the National Weather Service

       River Flood Warning      

River Flood Warning  RIVER FLOOD WARNING   River Flood Warning

Areas Affected:
Effective: Wed, 1/17 7:01am Updated: Wed, 1/17 5:45pm Urgency: Expected
Expires: Wed, 1/17 10:01pm Severity:  Moderate  Certainty: Likely

...The Flood Warning continues for the following rivers in
Menominee River near Pembine affecting Menominee and Marinette
The Flood Warning continues for
The Menominee River near Pembine.
* At  6:00 AM Wednesday the stage was 16.1 feet.
* Flood stage is 16.0 feet.
* Impacts at 16.1 feet. An ice jam is likely occurring.  Flooding
affects mainly lowland and forested land adjacent to the river.
Water and ice buildups may also be occurring downstream, especially
near river bends and bridges. Water and ice levels may fluctuate
during very cold periods.

Caution is urged when walking near riverbanks. The next scheduled
routine statement will be issued tomorrow morning.